Biosolids SA produces natural high-quality soil enhancers by composting biomass and organic residuals, thus investing in nature and protecting the environment. Biosolids aims to rationally manage residuals and biomass with a focus on sustainable development and the protection of the environment.


1. It comprises an applied example of circular economy and innovation, which is actively adapted to the

“Think green” concept, aiming to deliver a healthy planet to future generations through environmental awareness and the creation of reusable products.

2. It offers management services for waste derived from the agriculture, food and beverage processing industry, from farming, horticulture, forestry, the wood industry as well as from Local Authorities / Municipalities – Public Water And Sanitation Utilities,

in collaboration with transporters licensed to Collect and Transport Non-Hazardous Waste.

3. It is registered with the Register of Non-Hazardous Waste and with the

Electronic Register for Waste, as a Unit for the Reception of Waste.



Biosolids provides the market with high-quality compost products, to the standards of the Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands,

which undergo constant quality checks by accredited laboratories, from the initial stage of the composting pretreatment to their final distribution and storage.


Biosolids products cover the needs of both conventional and organic farming,

with numerous applications (ornamental plants, landscaping, horticultural development etc.) and measurable performance based on research programs.


Biosolids aims to design, develop and produce innovative products, as well as to produce and provide high-quality products

for agriculturists, farmers, nurserymen, hotels and landscaping businesses at particularly low prices, offering direct, prompt service and flexibility, as well as excellent support from its staff.


Our goal is to create a natural soil improviser from organic waste


We invest in nature and environmental protection


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